30 June 2016
Vol. 8 N.2
Dehumanization of public healthcare
Murillo L.
Diabetes in Spain from the perspective of the community pharmacy: knowledge, compliance, and satisfaction with treatment
Fornos-Pérez JA, Ferrer JC, García-Rodríguez P, Huarte-Royo J, Molinero A, Mera-Gallego R, Vérez-Cotelo N, Andrés-Rodríguez NF.
SEFAC documents
Specifications of the arterial pressure measurement and testing service using one-off measurement in community pharmacies, arterial pressure self-measurement and outpatient arterial pressure monitoring
Special article
Struggling with the conscientious objections of community pharmacists
Ordóñez JJ.
Course of action for rosacea in community pharmacy
Espinosa A, Labandeira J.
Pneumococcal vaccination. Community pharmacy procedure
Casas R, Molina J, Quintano JA, Rodríguez JM.


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