Farmacéuticos Comunitarios. 2016 Jun 30; 8(2):35-47 DOI: 10.5672/FC.2173-9218.(2016/Vol8).002.06

Pneumococcal vaccination. Community pharmacy procedure

Casas Jansá R, Molina París J, Quintano Jiménez JA, Rodríguez González-Moro JM.
Casas R, Molina J, Quintano JA, Rodríguez JM. Vacunación en neumococo. Actuación en la farmacia comunitaria. Farmacéuticos Comunitarios. 2016 Jun 30; 8 (2): 35-47 DOI: 10.5672/FC.2173-9218.(2016/Vol8).002.06
Abstract : 

SEFAC, semFYC, SEMERGEN and SEPAR were involved in the production of the document. The primary objective was to define the patient profiles most susceptible to be vaccinated against pneumococcus, considering the risk groups, the associated pathologies and the possible consequences of a pneumococcal infection and in turn, to develop a vaccination program in adults. The vaccine indications were also defined, as well as the proposed consultation by the community pharmacy.

The document, backed by the main medico-pharmaceutical science companies, will be very useful to community pharmacies with regards to handling patients with a greater degree of risk of contracting pneumococcal disease. This will also be a very explicit way of detecting, assessing and, as necessary, diverting medical staff to this type of patients.

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