FARMACÉUTICOS COMUNITARIOS is the scientific journal of SEFAC. Sociedad Española de Farmacia Familiar y Comunitaria founded in 2009. Its mission is to publish original scientific articles (over 75% of the papers published are derived from a research project) in fields related to community pharmacy. The journal published an average of 25 articles per year.

SEFAC. Sociedad Española de Farmacia Familiar y Comunitaria

Belén Cobián Rodríguez, farmacéutica comunitaria en A Coruña
Benigna Villasuso Cores, farmacéutica comunitaria en A Coruña
José Carlos Andrés Iglesias, farmacéutico comunitario en Vigo

Published articles in FARMACÉUTICOS COMUNITARIOS express only the opinion of its signatories. All rights reserved.

The keywords that describe the subject matter of the journal are: pharmacy, community pharmacists, scientific research, health.

Text with content that promotes social, racial, political, gender, or religious discrimination shall not be accepted for publication.

When experiments involving human beings or animals are described, a statement declaring that all procedures used conformed to ethical standards are required.

Articles produced with economic or financial support must have the approval of the institution for publication.

The journal does not accept work that has been previously published elsewhere. The authors are responsible for obtaining the appropriate permissions for partially reproducing material (text, tables, or figures) from other publications, citing their sources.

If it is detected that the article partially or wholly plagiarizes an already published work, it will be automatically rejected and its author barred from future publication in Farmaceuticos Comunitarios. 

You can download the complete ETHICAL RESPONSABILITIES document.