FARMACÉUTICOS COMUNITARIOS (ISSN 2173-9218) is a multidisciplinary scientific journal of the Spanish Society for Clinical, Family and Community Pharmacy, which was founded in 2009. Published quarterly, the journal publishes 25 articles per year on average.

It is a refereed journal that uses anonymous external double-blind peer review. Reviewers are selected for their expertise in the field in which the review is to be performed and are not paid for their work.

FARMACÉUTICOS COMUNITARIOS is an Open Access (OA) journal, meaning that all content is freely available at no cost to the user or institution. Users can read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, and link to the full texts of the articles in this journal without prior request for permission from the publisher or author. All works and materials are covered by a Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 DEED).

FARMACÉUTICOS COMUNITARIOS does not charge fees for submission of manuscripts or publication of articles.

Target audience

FARMACÉUTICOS COMUNITARIOS is aimed primarily at community pharmacy professionals and researchers, as well as authors of papers on interdisciplinary subjects related to this field.

Farm Comunitarios is a journal of reference with a high impact in Spain, Portugal and Latin America in the professional fields of clinic, family and community pharmacy.

The Granada Statements

Farmacéuticos Comunitarios (Farm Comunitarios) is one of several journals in comportment with the Granada Statements publishing high-quality, peer-reviewed content in health services research specifically as it relates to some aspect of the medication use process. The medication use process includes but is not limited to the prescribing, preparation, dispensing, administration, adherence to, evaluation, monitoring, and outcomes associated with legend or with over-the-counter medications, incorporating the concept of clinical pharmacy which aims to optimize utilization of medicines to achieve person-centered and public health goals. The medication use process includes attitudes, perspectives, knowledge, and behaviors of any actor in this process, including prescribers, pharmacists, pharmacy personnel, other health practitioners, patients, and caregivers. As such, the Granada Group journals often refer to “pharmacy” in their title and/or description, as these persons are central to medication use process; however, research articles reviews, and commentaries can refer to any person involved in this process, as well as any evaluation (eg, pharmaceoepidemiological) of the drug products themselves and/or systems employed to optimize the use process.

The Granada Group journals share certain commonalities and also goals to improve the medication use process and the outcomes emanating from this endeavor; however, each journal has an established niche and optimally suited for certain types of manuscripts. Further description of the aims and scopes of Farmacéuticos Comunitarios follows below:


The aim of the journal is to offer the community pharmacist useful information to support the pharmaceutical practice of community pharmacy professional services. It also aims to stimulated and facilitate the dissemination of research results in the scope of community pharmacy, bring community pharmacists closer to professional topics of interest, as well as offering results from studies performed or from community pharmacy. 

FARMACÉUTICOS COMUNITARIOS is targeted mainly at community pharmacy professionals and authors of studies from all those interdisciplinary topics related to this same field; and given its open access model, there is no limitation on the Internet. Publication in English of many of its papers facilitates access to interested people from the global scientific community. 


Community pharmacy forms part of primary care in Spain. It often comprises the first point of contact with health system structures. It is therefore a cornerstone of the chain of care for citizens’ health in which it is perfectly superimposed because of the broad network of existing pharmacies and its immediate accessibility by end users. 

Within the biomedical sciences, research in the field of pharmacology, pharmacotherapy, use of medicines by patients and their outcomes in the resolution or improvement of their diseases and health problems takes on a fundamental importance to evaluate the effectiveness, safety and efficiency of the therapeutic means made accessible to users. The journal FARMACÉUTICOS COMUNITARIOS was created for this purpose. 

From the outset, it is the first Spanish publication of original papers and review papers to collect and disseminate scientific production from studies performed in or from community pharmacies in the field of pharmacotherapy and its outcomes on the health and wellbeing of patients as well as pharmaceutical professional services. The journal also accepts multidisciplinary works from other fields of pharmacy or other health professionals, which provide knowledge, experiences or novelties in the field of pharmacy and pharmacotherapy in terms of the relationship with the community pharmacy. FARMACÉUTICOS COMUNITARIOS is the journal specialized in community pharmacy, a health sector with a major lack of scientific journals.

The authors are mostly pharmacists who practice their profession in community pharmacy, although there are 30% of authors from other fields and qualifications. Most are Spanish, but there are also international authors. The journal publishes mainly original research papers in or from community pharmacy. Case studies, reviews, collaborations and consensuses are also published.

Subject matter covered in the journal:

FARMACÉUTICOS COMUNITARIOS accepts original research studies that lead to significant developments in a specific field, studies that prove important existing theories, works based on innovative methodological processes and rigorous review articles. It also accepts articles on pedagogical experiences, opinion or debate on topics of interest and/or controversial in the Editorial Board’s view.

Types of articles

The journal publishes these types of articles:

    A section devoted to original research in the field of community pharmacy. The structure shall be as follows: abstract, keywords, text (introduction, materials and methods, results, and discussion), acknowledgments, and bibliography.  
    Reviews are about any subject of relevance or interest on professional activity in the field of community pharmacy.
    This format is used to communicate the preliminary results of research of lesser scope or impact. Results of a research study connected with a project already published in the journal where inclusion of the full original work would contain numerous redundancies, as well as any other research that does not require a lengthy article to be communicated effectively. These works, in general, should be structured as an original article (IMRAD), including the abstract length.
    Feature articles, practical application protocols, drug information, or any other items of interest to the Editorial Committee which does not fit in other sections.
    Comments related to articles published recently in the journal and other scientific or professional letters related to community pharmacy are published here.
    Case studies related to the practice of community pharmacy and pharmacological care will be published, such as indications, dispensing and monitoring, or more specific drug interactions, RNM, pharmacovigilance, etc.
    Properly structured research protocols (abstract, introduction and justification, applicability of the results, objectives, materials and methods, ethical considerations, chronology, and analysis).


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