Vol. 10 Supplement 1 · Alicante Congress 2018

28 September 2018
Vol. 10 Nº3
Expanding the pharmacy
Aparicio M.
Intervention of community pharmacist in the vaccination of adults with respiratory disease
Aparicio C, Climent MT, Baixauli VJ, Rodrigo MJ, Albanell F, Recio MC.
Influenza vaccination in the community pharmacy: opinion of patients and pharmacists
Andrés-Rodríguez NF, Mera-Gallego R, Piñeiro-Abad A, Acuña-Ferradanes A, Mera-Gallego I, García-Rodríguez P, Andrés-Iglesias JC, Fornos-Pérez JA.
Dispensing of fentanyl and tapentadol in community pharmacy: Patient profile and therapeutic indication in chronic non-oncological pain
González A, Reyes D, Merencio E, Córcoles ME.
Reconciliation and review of medication at discharge in a patient undergoing gastrostomy for enteral feeding
Moranta FX.
Transient use of personalized dosing systems (PDS): beyond polypharmacy
Mera I, Satué EJ.