Production and Administration

Ordinary numbers are published quarterly. Since summer 2020 they are published the first two weeks of each quarter. 

The first number in the second period was published on 30 June 2009. Since then, a quarterly cadence has been in place and extraordinary numbers have been published at each SEFAC conference. 

During the publishing process it is ensured that the writing is clear and concise, sufficiently rigorous and does not lead to confusion. Figures, tables, and graphs are edited with sufficient resolution so that they are not blurred under any circumstances. It is required that all of them have a sufficiently explanatory figure legend so as to lead to understanding without needing to consult the text.

All accepted papers should be structured according to their paper type. No paper is accepted without this structure. All papers should provide the title, abstract and keywords in Spanish and in English. 

All papers can easily be consulted online in HTML format and downloaded as a pdf free of charge without needing to be registered.

Data protection protocol

FARMACÉUTICOS COMUNITARIOS backs up its files and database daily to be able to recover them at any time. All the journal’s papers are deposited in a recognized repository.


Community pharmacy in general and Spanish community pharmacy in particular is developing new pharmaceutical professional services that need to be disseminated to facilitate their implantation and improvement.

There are very few journals that touch on this sector. Therefore, FARMACÉUTICOS COMUNITARIOS aspires to critically organize knowledge in this field and turn into a reference for Spanish and international community pharmacy; generating a body of doctrine that contributes to boost the essential role of community pharmacy in the field of primary healthcare.



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