15 January 2024
Vol. 16 N.1
One more step in the quality of ‘Farmacéuticos Comunitarios’: indexing
Salar L.
Detection of people at risk of diabetes in the community pharmacy with the Findrisc test in the years 2014-2021
Fornos-Pérez J, Mera-Gallego I, Jaraiz-Magariños I, Huarte-Royo J, Mera-Gallego R, Andrés-Rodríguez N.
Exploration of professional and working conditions among community pharmacists in Gipuzkoa
Goienetxea E, Oñatibia-Astibia A, Malet-Larrea A, Aizpurua-Arruti X, Gastelurrutia MA.
Recommendations for the prevention of healthcare-associated infections in nursing homes
Bouza E, Asensio A, García J, González P, Acosta M, Aguilar J, Barberán J, Cabrera J, Díez-Manglano J, Fernández C, Fernandez-Prada M, Fontán G, Cisneros J, Lorenzo-Vidal B, Martín A, Navas P, Palomo E, Kestler M.
Case Reports
The review of the treatment of a very complex patient easily finds areas for improvement. Case report
Parras L.
Dispensing Service: An Essential Service Provided by Community Pharmacy to Enhance Patient Safety. A Case Study.
Pérez RO.
Adherence to treatment in polymedicated patients using Monitored Dosage Systems (MDS) and their impact on health
Cano-Polvillo MJ, Fernández-Romero AM, Nieto-Masa AI.


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