12 July 2023
Vol. 15 N.3
The know-how of the Minor Ailments Service, towards a clinical pharmacy
Escudero I.
Pharmacovigilance of vaccines against COVID-19 in community pharmacies. Results after the second dose and comparison between both
Mera-Gallego R, León-Rodríguez L, Barreiro M, Pérez L, Guisado B, Busto I, Andrés-Rodríguez NF, Fornos-Pérez JA.
Pilot programme for screening perimenopausal women for cardiovascular risk from community pharmacy: MENOVASC Project
Palazón-Palazón A, Sánchez-Martínez DP.
Factors and strategies for the implementation of a minor ailment service: a case study
Ruiz-Lozano F, Crespo-Sánchez FE, Amador-Fernández N.
Improving the Quality of Publications in and Advancing the Paradigms of Clinical and Social Pharmacy Practice Research: The Granada Statements
Fernandez-Llimos F, Desselle S, Stewart D, Garcia-Cardenas V, Babar Z, Bond C, Dago A, Jacobsen R, Stig L, Polidori C, Sanchez-Polo M, Santos-Ramos, B, Shcherbakova N, Tonin FS.
Case Reports
Regarding a case: pharmaceutical indication service in a patient with edema and varicose veins
Adsuar GM, Zenaida M, Fuster D, Adsuar A.
Hospitalization due to an adverse reaction to an antibiotic. Pharmacotherapy and physiotherapy follow-up in the recovery process
Acuña N, Bailón Ó.


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