Farm Comunitarios. (2023). doi: 10.33620/FC.2173-9218.(2023).18

Regarding a case: pharmaceutical indication service in a patient with edema and varicose veins

Adsuar Meseguer GM1, 2, Zenaida Milea M2, Fuster Fernández D2, Adsuar Meseguer A2
1. SEFAC Patient Safety Working Group Coordinator. 2. Community Pharmacist. Quesada Center Pharmacy.
Adsuar GM, Zenaida M, Fuster D, Adsuar A. Regarding a case: pharmaceutical indication service in a patient with edema and varicose veins. Farm Comunitarios. (2023). doi: 10.33620/FC.2173-9218.(2023).18
Abstract : 

A 69-year-old male patient comes to the Community Pharmacy requesting a cream to help him improve the swelling he has in his legs. For the evaluation of this clinical case, we follow the scheme proposed by the FC Pharmaceutical Care Forum (AF-FC Forum). It is suspected that it is an Insufficiently Treated Health Problem, giving place to a Negative Result associated with Medication (RNM). The Minor Ailment Service is carried out and registered in SEFAC e_XPERT INDICA+PRO. In the first intervention, an ointment based on Sodium Polysulphate 5 mg/g and health advice it is recommended. Two weeks later, the first evaluation is carried out and the patient presents some improvement, but continues with swelling in his legs. On the second visit, normal compression stockings and capsules based on natural extracts are indicated to help eliminating liquids, as well as keep going with the ointment. In the second evaluation, the patient comments that the proposed combination works well for him and that the health problem is practically solved.

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