Farmacéuticos Comunitarios. 2015 Mar 30; 7(1):10-19 DOI: 10.5672/FC.2173-9218.(2015/Vol7).001.03

Supervised practice sessions and/or pharmacy visits: penultimate opportunity missed?

Mariño Hernández EL.
Mariño EL. Prácticas tuteladas y/o estancias de farmacia: ¿penúltima ocasión perdida?. Farmacéuticos Comunitarios. 2015 Mar 30; 7 (1): 10-19 DOI: 10.5672/FC.2173-9218.(2015/Vol7).001.03
Abstract : 

It is intended to do a history tour, as objectively as possible, of what was run and is now the subject of major workload of pharmacy studies in the last 30 years, including sometimes a personal opinion for a very direct experience in this area. Likewise, the essence of this subject, existing for mandatory of the European Union, aims also to be remembered, as well as what were the reasons to be and explaining some concepts that despite of being old still raising some controversy. Thus even surpassing what is now the diverse and varied reality of this subject in Spain, the evolution of European directives is contemplated, from the initials of 1985 to 2013 and the modifications that the last directive includes, which we hope will be taken into account for further implementation of changes in the curricula of the Graduate in Pharmacy that normatively should be updated after the process of re-accreditation.

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