Farm Com. 2014 Dec 30;6(4):21-25. doi: 10.5672/FC.2173-9218.(2014/Vol6).004.04

Study protocol: demand and pharmaceutical practice in buccopharyngeal disorders in Spain. The ACTUA study

Hernández Rex A, García-Delgado P, Ocaña Arenas A, García-Cárdenas V, Labrador Barba E, Orera Peña ML, Martínez-Martínez F.
Hernández A, García-Delgado P, Ocaña A, García-Cárdenas V, Labrador E, Orera ML, Martínez-Martínez F. Protocolo del estudio: Demanda y práctica farmacéutica en afección bucofaríngea en España. Estudio ACTUA. Farm Com. 2014 Dec 30;6(4):21-25. doi: 10.5672/FC.2173-9218.(2014/Vol6).004.04
Abstract : 

Introduction and rationale: Due to their prevalence and association to inadequate medications use, buccopharyngeal disorders - and specifically sore throat - are an important health concern. In this regard, the pharmacist contributes to ensure adequate patient self-medication through pharmaceutical care services. However, in the community pharmacy setting, little is known of the users who demand such care and of pharmacist consultations and interventions.

Applicability of the results: Knowing the characteristics of the demands and pharmaceutical practices in buccopharyngeal disorders will allow the definition of healthcare strategies designed to optimize patient care.

Objectives: To characterize pharmaceutical practice in buccopharyngeal disorders in Spanish community pharmacies.

Materials and methods: A cross-sectional, descriptive observational study will be carried out involving the voluntary participation of community pharmacies in Spain. The study population will consist of those users visiting pharmacies due to buccopharyngeal disorders. The field study will last three months. The study variables will comprise the characteristics of the user, the consultation made, and pharmacist intervention. A descriptive statistical study will be made involving uni- and multivariate analysis based on the multiple correspondence technique. Confidentiality of the participants will be observed, and informed consent will be obtained.

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