Farm Com. 2013 May 30;5(2):50-58

Quality of life and complications in diabetic patients. Descriptive study in community pharmacy

Mateos Sánchez M1
1. Doctora en Farmacia. Farmacéutica comunitaria en Bañobárez (Salamanca).
Mateos M. Calidad de vida y complicaciones en el paciente diabético. Estudio descriptivo en farmacia comunitaria. Farm Com. 2013 May 30;5(2):50-58
Abstract : 

INTRODUCTION Research into the perception of quality of life with regard to the complications of diabetes enables certain needs in these patients to be identified. The objective of this piece of research is to detect how chronic complications of type 2 DM influence the patient’s quality of life in the rural environment.
MATERIAL AND METHODS An observational, transversal study in Lumbrales (Salamanca) basic health area. A questionnaire divided into four blocks was prepared: socio-demographic variables, clinical situation of the diabetes (patients with complications, number of complications, type of complications, retinopathy, neuropathy, heart disease, nephropathy), general quality of life and quality of life of the diabetic patient (EsDQOL, validated version of the DQOL).
RESULTS 156 patients with type II DM: 63 men and 93 women. Average age 73, 121 patients (80%) without certificate of studies and 46 (29%) with some complication. The four blocks of the EsDQOL (satisfaction, impact, socio/vocational worries, disease-related worries) showed higher values in the patients with complications. This trend was the same for all the complications.
DISCUSSION The results show that patients in a rural environment with type II DM with chronic complications perceive a worse quality of life. Also, each of the chronic complications individually studied have
a negative effect on the quality of life. It should be taken into account that the information about diabetic complications is based on the clinical history and their severity was not determined. We need to research how the degree of each complication affects the quality of life of diabetic patients.

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