Farm Com. 2013 Mar 30;5(1):39-41

What pharmacy model do we want?

Martínez Romero F1
1. Presidente Honorario de SEFAC. Profesor de la Universidad Cardenal Herrera- CEU
Martínez F. What pharmacy model do we want?. Farm Com. 2013 Mar 30;5(1):39-41
Abstract : 

Following the presentation of the rough copy of the preliminary project of the Law on Professional Services by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, it reflects on the project of the 1985 Law which proposed a series of changes in the Spanish community pharmacy that caused an almost unanimous reaction that led to a “Japanese-style strike” being called which was widely followed. Some of those proposals are part of current legislation today and another part has been taken on, even as vindication, by broad sectors of the pharmacy trade.

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