20 January 2021
Vol. 13 Nº1
Uncertainties and advances in COVID-19 vaccines
Ruiz MA.
Letters to the editor
Controversies for the recommendation of coenzyme Q10 supplements to mitigate statin-induced myalgia
Ferreira FJ.
Community pharmacy users’ perception of COVID-19 comparing the beginning and ending situation of the lockdown
Mera-Gallego R, León-Rodríguez L, Mera-Gallego I, González-Blanco M, Fernández-Cordeiro M, Piñeiro-Abad A, Barreiro-Juncal M, García-Rodríguez P, Fornos-Pérez JA, Andrés-Rodríguez NF.
Minor ailment service for dry eye syndromes: I-VALOR programme
Brizuela L, Molinero A, Amador-Fernández N, Escribano-Molinero R, Prats R, Eyaralar T, Salar L.
Analysis of completion of medical prescriptions on paper
Ayala P, Estrada G, Gil-Alberdi B, Herrada M, Requejo E, Moya AP.
Dispensing of fentanyl and tapentadol in community pharmacy: Therapeutic adherence in non-cancer pain
Reyes D, González A, Merencio E, Córcoles ME.
Summary on advances in the development of vaccines against COVID-19
Rosu IC.