30 September 2019
Vol. 11 Nº3
Why is measles a health problem again?
Magro MC.
Dose dispensing service in a prymary health care area: A multidisciplinary study
Jiménez N, Cabrera A, Heredia MP, Moro A, Martínez ML, Muñoz C.
Substitution and use of human drugs for the treatment of canine lesihamniasis
López SM.
Clinical cases
Multicompartment Compliance Aids as a tool for changing attitudes towards medicines in a young patient
Soliño A, Portal R, Touriño E, Aragunde L, Gómez P.
Information to patients on professional pharmaceutical care services of Community Pharmacy
Baixauli VJ, Abellán-García F, Molinero A, Prats R, Plaza J, Gaztelurrutia L, Bellver S, Arranz MM, García-Espona JL, Cremades J, Amador-Fernández N.