Farm Com. 2011 Dec 30;3(4):151-155

Castrillón C1, Faus MJ1, Gastelurrutia MA1
1. Grupo de Investigación en Atención Farmacéutica. Universidad de Granada.
Castrillón C, Faus MJ, Gastelurrutia MA. Información contradictoria entre diferentes médicos. Propuesta de un nuevo PRM. Farm Com. 2011 Dec 30;3(4):151-155
Abstract : 

In keeping with various Spanish agreements, MRPs (medicine-related problems) are not classified but are included in a nonexhaustive, non-exclusive list which, among others, has an epigraph of “others”. In a study carried out in a community pharmacist, a series of MRPs included in this epigraph were identified, with a common characteristic: the discrepancies between the opinions given by different doctors. In this piece of work, eight clinical cases are presented included in the "others" part, with common characteristics.

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