Farm Comunitarios 2012 Sep 15;4(3):122-123

Pharmaceutical incongruences

Satué E1
1. Farmacéutico comunitario en Maella (Zaragoza)
Satué E. Pharmaceutical incongruences. Farm Comunitarios 2012 Sep 15;4(3):122-123
Abstract : 

Pharmacies suffer from numerous incoherences that affect community pharmacists in their everyday tasks. Despite having the maximum level of personal data protection introduced they are prevented access to patients' medical records, whilst being able to freely access information about their levels of income. To block a dispensation for pharmacotherapeutic reasons, there must be "a serious, evident risk for the patient's health"; however, it must be blocked in the case of "reasonable doubt" about the validity of a prescription. Many other incongruences of a similar nature mean that pharmacists are without tools to be able to carry out their task in the best way possible, impeding their function as a guarantee in the rational use of medications, which is reduced to ensuring the cheapest use of them.


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