Farm Com. 2012 Jun 30;4(2):78-83

Gastelurrutia MA1
1. Farmacéutico comunitario en San Sebastián. Expresidente de SEFAC.
Gastelurrutia MA. El rol de la farmacia comunitaria en salud pública. Farm Com. 2012 Jun 30;4(2):78-83
Abstract : 

In recent years, the community pharmacy has aimed its activity at guaranteeing suitable use of medications by patients, at the same time as participating in numerous education and health prevention campaigns aimed at promoting better health and greater well-being among the general public. It has also carried out other kinds of activities aimed at detecting hidden pathologies (screening), as well as controlling and assessing useful biochemical parameters to evaluate the effectiveness of the medications that patients are using. In the field of drug addiction, considering the drug addict to be a chronically ill patient, and with the community pharmacists being an accessible, familiar health professional, it is easy to think of them as a useful instrument for collaborating in tackling the health and even the social problems of these patients. Programmes such as the so-called "anti-aids kit", the Syringe Exchange, the Methadone Maintenance, the programme for Monitored Treatment with tuberculostatics for patients on the Methadone Maintenance programme, the 3 x 1 condom campaign, or the fast HIV test in chemists are examples of the increasingly greater participation of the pharmaceutical community in care and prevention programmes related to drug addicts, offering their professionalism, accessibility and closeness. However, despite the great advances made by the profession, there is still a large field of action for new programmes and activities in which chemists can provide efficiency to the current health system.

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