Farmacéuticos Comunitarios. 2015 Jun 30; 7(2):3-4 DOI: 10.5672/FC.2173-9218.(2015/Vol7).002.01

Development of an ethical code

Abellán F.
Abellán F. Alumbramiento de un código ético. Farmacéuticos Comunitarios. 2015 Jun 30; 7 (2): 3-4 DOI: 10.5672/FC.2173-9218.(2015/Vol7).002.01
Abstract : 

In April 2015 our Society, through its Bioethics Commission, concluded development of the Community Pharmacy Ethical Code – an ambitious project that has centered the activities of this multidisciplinary commission over the last two years.

The fact that this text has been developed from SEFAC is extremely important, not only because it represents the first ethical code specific of Community Pharmacy but also because of the commitment it implies in ensuring excellence both in professional activity and in the institutional work of the SEFAC itself. The document aims to make sure that things are done well not only from the technical and scientific perspective but also from the ethical viewpoint – incorporating values and behaviors that contribute to further dignify the profession and increase patient satisfaction in the relationship with the pharmacist.

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