Farmacéuticos Comunitarios. 2014 Sep 30; 6(3):25-30 DOI: 10.5672/FC.2173-9218.(2014/Vol6).003.04

The cost of pharmacotherapeutic follow-up in a community pharmacy (II): service operating costs

Cobián Rodríguez MB.
Cobián MB. El coste del seguimiento farmacoterapéutico en una farmacia comunitaria (II): costes de funcionamiento del servicio. Farmacéuticos Comunitarios. 2014 Sep 30; 6 (3): 25-30 DOI: 10.5672/FC.2173-9218.(2014/Vol6).003.04
Abstract : 

Introduction: Pharmacotherapy follow-up is a service that meets the needs of polymedicated patients but invests a lot of resources. The aim of this study was to determine the changes in drug dispensation due to pharmacotherapy follow-up and the resources invested in the service and its associated costs.

Methods: Twenty patients in risk of drug related problems entered a pharmacotherapy follow-up program for six months using Dader´s method. Material, information and human resources were registered and their cost calculated.

Results: Number of dispensed drugs to the patients in the program decreased 8.4 %. Pharmacotherapy follow-up costs for each patient in the program was 87 euros and increased as did drug related problems risk factors.

Discussion: Pharmacotherapy follow-up decreases pharmacy incomes on decreasing drug dispensation. Besides, pharmacist´s working time increases, as well as its costs. A pharmacotherapy follow-up service in this pharmacy could nearly be paid by the medi­cines saved.

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