Farmacéuticos Comunitarios. 6(Suplemento 1)

By your side, making a difference

Gómez JC, Martínez SR.
Gómez JC, Martínez SR. Contigo marcamos diferencias. Farmacéuticos Comunitarios. 6 (Suplemento 1)
Abstract : 

The 6th National Congress of Community Pharmacists has arrived. It is almost two years since the last edition in Barcelona, and Malaga is hosting our event this spring to show that SEFAC does not stop growing. In this time more than 800 new colleagues have joined our society and, if the Barcelona congress already built on the success of previous years, this sixth edition is no exception. A record number of papers have been received this time (more than two hundred, 12% more than in 2012), we have many collaborating organizations and institutions and, most importantly, we are once again warmly supported by colleagues like you: community pharmacists who believe in knowledge, in research and in the value of community pharmacy as a guarantee of the proper use of medicines, citizens' health and the efficiency of the healthcare system.

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