Farmacéuticos Comunitarios. 2013 Sep 30; 5(3):90-95

Dispensing medicines as “a matter of urgency” at an on-duty community pharmacy in Valladolid

García Sevillano L1
1. Doctor en Farmacia. Farmacéutico comunitario en Valladolid
García L. Dispensación nocturna de medicamentos “con carácter de urgencia” en una farmacia comunitaria de Valladolid. Farmacéuticos Comunitarios. 2013 Sep 30; 5 (3): 90-95
Abstract : 

INTRODUCTION Three community pharmacies provide the on-duty pharmacy service in Valladolid. The aims of this study were to get to know the percentage of dispensations made as “a matter of urgency”, what proportion of them were through prescriptions or an A&E medical report, and which medicines were dispensed “as a matter of urgency” in a community pharmacy offering an all-night service. MATERIALS AND METHODS To carry out this descriptive observational study, all-night dispensations were registered during a year. The data collected were: who the prescribed medication was for, whether it was “a matter of urgency”, whether they had an A&E medical report or a prescription, and the medication that was dispensed. RESULTS Dispensations made as “a matter of urgency” accounted for 6.9% of the total number and 61.0% were as a result of an A&E medical report. The drug groups that were dispensed most were for anti-infective therapy for systemic use (23.8%), respiratory tract (13.3%), digestive system and metabolism (13.1%), musculoskeletal system (12.7%), sense organs (10.0%), nervous system (9.1%) and genitourinary therapy (7.3%). During the study, 21 situations of risk of negative results associated with the medication were detected and 43 patients were derived to the doctor as they asked for medicines without a prescription. DISCUSSION “A matter of urgency” dispensations are minority in on-duty pharmacies in Valladolid and most of them are dispensed as the result of an A&E medical report. The community pharmacy that offers the on-duty service plays a key role in the pharmaceutical care of the population.

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