Farmacéuticos Comunitarios. 2013 May 30; 5(2):65-68

D-Valor programme: Assessment of dispensing records for statins

Solá N1, Cámara R2, Cosín A2, Dago A3, Gutiérrez P2, Salar L4
1. Profesora asociada. Departamento de Fisiología, Farmacología y Toxicología. UCH-CEU. Moncada 2. Farmacéuticos comunitarios en Madrid 3. Directora revista Pharmaceutical Care España 4. Farmacéutico comunitario en Valencia
Solá N, Cámara R, Cosín A, Dago A, Gutiérrez P, Salar L. Programa D-Valor: Evaluación de registros de dispensación de estatinas. Farmacéuticos Comunitarios. 2013 May 30; 5 (2): 65-68
Abstract : 

INTRODUCTION In this piece of research, which corresponds to the analysis of only 37,925 dispensing records of a total of 199,957 that were obtained in the D-Valor Programme, we tried to assess the results of the records taken during the dispensing of the statin therapeutic group (C10 AA HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors).
METHOD The design of the study was multicentric, observational and prospective. The dispensing data was recorded by the pharmacists.
RESULTS 87.0% of the records correspond to ongoing treatment. The active principles (AP) that were most dispensed were Simvastatin followed by Atorvastatin. In the initial treatments, the APs that were most dispensed were Pitavastatin, at 43.0% and Rosuvastatin, at 24.0%. With regard to the patients’ perception of the safety and effectiveness of the treatment, the results were 78.0% for effectiveness and 6.6% for safety. The patient perceived more safety problems in Pitavastatin and it was statistically significant (p<0.05). The pharmacists detected a possible lack of safety in 4.8% and lack of effectiveness in 4.5% of the treatments dispensed. They provided personalised information about the treatment in 68.8% of the records. They referred 6.1% of the cases to a pharmacotherapeutic follow-up and had to refer 5.7% of the cases to their doctor.
CONCLUSION Dispensing is a professional activity with a high impact on health and its recording enables us to obtain a very useful source of information for implementing diverse improvement strategies to optimise pharmacotherapy as well as the sustainability of the health system.

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