Farm Comunitarios. 2012 Dec 31;4(4):140-144

Evaluation of the process for the use of bisphosphonates when dispensing

Prats Más R1, Piera Villora V2, Pons Martínez L2, Mora Villegas P2, Roig Sánchez I3
1. Farmacéuticos comunitarios de Denia (Alicante). Máster en Atención Farmacéutica. Doctora en Farmacia 2. Farmacéuticos comunitarios de Denia (Alicante) 3. Farmacéuticos comunitarios de Denia (Alicante).Máster en Atención Farmacéutica
Prats R, Piera V, Pons L, Mora P, Roig I. Evaluation of the process for the use of bisphosphonates when dispensing. Farm Comunitarios. 2012 Dec 31;4(4):140-144
Abstract : 

OBJECTIVES To assess and optimise the process for the use of bisphosphonates through the dispensing service in two community pharmacies, identifying shortcomings in the administration of these medications, patients in long-term treatment who require a review of it and carrying out the pharmaceutical interventions that are suitable for each case.

METHOD Descriptive study with intervention, in two community pharmacies in Denia (Alicante) between 1/6/2011 and 31/7/2011. Population study: all the patients that went to the pharmacy with prescriptions for bisphosphonates for themselves. Data was compiled by means of a questionnaire, carrying out the corresponding interventions.

RESULTS 39 prescriptions for bisphosphonates were dispensed, mainly to women aged between 40 and 75. 95% of them were familiar with the correct form of administering the medication. 36% did not take calcium and/or vitamin D supplements and 15% had been taking bisphosphonates for more than five years.17 interventions were made in all, of which:
- Nine were to value the establishing of calcium supplements. Accepted: six.
- Two to review the duration of the treatment. Accepted: one.
- Four for the patient to assess, both the introduction of calcium supplements as well as the duration of the treatment. Accepted: Three.
- 2 with the patient for incorrect administration and/or noncompliance with the calcium prescribed, both of which were accepted.

DISCUSSION Despite the small size of the sample, it coincides with other studies, both regarding the lack of patient information about bisphosphonates, as well as an inadequate consumption of calcium, showing the importance of dispensing these medications correctly.

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