Farm Com. 2022 Jul 21;14(3):51-56. doi: 10.33620/FC.2173-9218.(2022/Vol14).003.06

Personalized dosification systems (pds), beyond the blister: presentation of a clinical case in a patient with Alzheimer’s disease

García-Delgado Morente A1, García-Delgado Morente M2
1. Licenciada en Farmacia. Farmacia comunitaria en Sevilla. 2. Licenciada en Farmacia. Licenciada en Ciencias Biológicas. Doctora por la Universidad de Sevilla. Farmacéutica comunitaria en Sevilla.
García-Delgado A, García-Delgado M. Sistema personalizado de dosificación (SPD), más allá del blíster: presentación de un caso clínico en un paciente con enfermedad de Alzheimer. Farm Com. 2022 Jul 21;14(3):51-56. doi: 10.33620/FC.2173-9218.(2022/Vol14).003.06
Abstract : 

Personalized Dosification Systems (PDS) constitute a first-line resource for Community Pharmacy approach to improving adherence to pharmacological treatments. 

The pharmacist, when offering PDS as a professional pharmaceutical care service, should take advantage of its full potential to achieve the proposed therapeutic objectives, incorporating, in addition to the blister pack tool, medicines use review (MUR), pharmacotherapy follow-up and frequent interviews with patient´s family and health team (GP and nurse).

In this case presented, coinciding in time with the COVID-19 pandemic confinement, the pharmacists, aware of a close patient follow-up importance, especially in cases of Alzheimer›s disease, manage to improve therapeutic adherence in various situations while appearing new health problems, side effects of medicines or difficulty swallowing solids. This adherence improving is achieved thanks to a complete pharmaceutical care service, far beyond the blister pack preparation, which includes frequent interviews with the patient´s family and home caregiver, pharmacist-GP direct contact, weekly MUR, and Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (pharmacist advice and treatment for a range of minor illnesses).  In this case, and due to the isolation caused by confinement, we also included other services such as Pharmaceutical Care to meet the medication needs at home.

Protocolising and carrying out weekly MUR in PDS service improves the achievement of therapeutic adherence and objectives. GP-pharmacist and family members collaboration facilitates the follow-up of patients adhered to this service in order to achieve health outcomes.






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