Farm Com. 2021 Jul 02;13(3):25-28. doi: 10.33620/FC.2173-9218.(2021/Vol13).003.04

COVID year 1. World Diabetes Day

Espejo Guerrero J1, Piqueras Román TL1, Espejo Martín O1, Cabello Rodríguez C1, Espejo Martín J1, Delgado Manzano B1
1. Farmacia José Espejo Guerrero. Adra (Almería).
Espejo J, Piqueras TL, Espejo O, Cabello C, Espejo J, Delgado B. COVID año 1. Día Mundial de la Diabetes. Farm Com. 2021 Jul 02;13(3):25-28. doi: 10.33620/FC.2173-9218.(2021/Vol13).003.04
Abstract : 

On the occasion of the celebration of World Diabetes Day (WDD) in 2020, users who have come to the Pharmacy have been given a determination of capillary glucose. Compared to the similar determination made by the same WDD in 2019 at the same Pharmacy, the values found have been compared with a different sample. In 2020, a total of 127 people were recruited compared to 54 in 2019. Median glucose has not changed significantly from year to year or in total patients (105 mg/dL in 2020 vs 105.5 mg/dL in 2019; p=0.53) neither in the subgroups of those taking antidiabetic medication (157 mg/dL in 2020 vs 187 mg/dL in 2019; p=0.16) or in those who do not take (103 mg/dl in 2020 vs 99 mg/dL in 2019; p=0.21). This non-observation of changes makes us reflect on how to detect future glucose control alternations, especially in diabetic patients. To do this, it will be necessary to use more robust estimators, such as glycosylated hemoglobin and work with stable groups of patients.

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