Sending of material


All contributions should be processed by means of the online platform




PDF Tutorial to register on the platform

The process of submitting manuscripts consists of 5 steps

  • STEP 1. START: verification of delivery, the authors transfer the rights of ownership and can make comments to the editor.
  • STEP 2. UPLOAD SUBMISSION: Cover letter and manuscript. If necessary, high-quality appendices, graphs, Excel tables or any kind of documents can also be added.
  • STEP 3. ENTER THE METADATA: the personal data of authors is filled in and the corresponding author indicated.
  • STEP 4. CONFIRMATION: final step where the submission is confirmed.
  • STEP 5. Your submission is complete! The editor has been notified of your submission.

Ensure that your paper complies with the PDF  INSTRUCTIONS FOR AUTHORS


 The two mandatory files are uploaded separately onto the platform:

1. Anonymized paper without authorship, including:

 o   Title. In English and Spanish.

 o   Abstract. In English and Spanish.

o   Structured in accordance with the type of paper. Types of articles

·  Between 3 and 10 keywords in Spanish and English, preferably MeSH terms (over 50%). Available at in English and in Spanish.

·   List of abbreviations

o    Text

·     Structured in accordance with the type of paper. Types of articles.

·     Each suitably identified section.

·   Numbering on page footer and correlative lines numbering to favour review.

o    References

·     Format according to the Vancouver system.  Vancouver reference style.

o    Tables and figures

§  Correctly inserted in the text, suitably numbered with table of figure footer with sufficient explanation.


2. Cover letter including:

·         Full title of the manuscript.

·         Preferred section where to publish.

·         Name and surname(s), qualifications and workplace of the authors (preferably 6 authors at most).

·         Publons (ResearcherID) and/or Orcid personal research identifier.

·         Declaration of contribution to the paper’s content of each author.

·         Declaration of possible conflict of interest of each author.

·         Transfer of the publication rights.

·         Any financing.

·         Any acknowledgements.

·         Further information that the authors deem relevant, such as awards received, conference presentations, etc.

·        Text for the editor explaining the work’s specific features and reasons why the author believes it should be published.  Download cover letter

If the author considers it convenient, he/she can also upload more files (high-quality images or native files, graphs, Excel tables) that will be considered as attachments.










































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