Farm Com. 2018 Sep 28;10(3):35-39. doi: 10.5672/FC.2173-9218.(2018/Vol10).003.06

Transient use of personalized dosing systems (PDS): beyond polypharmacy

Mera Gallego I1, Satué de Velasco EJ2
1. Farmacéutica comunitaria. Farmacia Satué, Maella (Zaragoza). Graduada en Nutrición Humana y Dietética. Grupo Berbés de Investigación y Docencia en Atención Farmacéutica. Grupos de Diabetes y Nutrición y Digestivo de SEFAC. 2. Farmacéutico comunitario. Farmacia Satué, Maella (Zaragoza).
Mera I, Satué EJ. Uso transitorio de sistemas personalizados de dosificación (SPD): más allá de la polimedicación. Farm Com. 2018 Sep 28;10(3):35-39. doi: 10.5672/FC.2173-9218.(2018/Vol10).003.06
Abstract : 

The target patients of the Personalized Dosing Service (PDS) have usually been people with chronic polymedicated diseases with physical or cognitive difficulties to properly manage their medication. However, there are other groups likely to equally benefit from this tool, such as patients without deficiencies or dependencies but due to the complexity of the treatment regimen to be administered, they can occasionally take advantage of this service. In this case, we will see a patient used to handling not only her own medication but also that of her husband but due to a changing pattern of anxiolytic and antidepressant medications, she prefers to rely on the community pharmacy for proper administration.

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