2 January 2023
Vol. 15 N.1
The community pharmacist in mental health
Bonilla A.
Project on exceptional dispensation in the Principality of Asturias
Jaraiz I, Martínez AF, Satué E, Agustín E, López S, Allué JL.
Study on the use of multi-compartment compliance aids to improve blood pressure values in hypertensive patients
Martín A, García-Pastor C, Iracheta M, Gómez JC, Tejedor-García N.
Pharmacovigilance of vaccines against COVID-19 in community pharmacies. Results with the first dose
Mera-Gallego R, León-Rodríguez L, González-Blanco M, Mera-Gallego I, García-Rodríguez P, López-Cantorna D, Fornos-Pérez JA, Andrés-Rodríguez NF.
Analysis of medication adherence using electronic prescriptions in a community pharmacy: ‘REACT’ study
Bonilla A, Bailén M, Hernando A.
Effect of eye drops based on hyaluronic acid, Aloe vera and Centella asiatica on quality of life of patients with dry eye
Vicen-Carbó I, Corretger-Bobis E, García-del-Cerro C, Sotelo-Prats L, Barturen-Echeverria B, García-Marqueta E, Homs-Balló M, Rubis-Marin G, Pegueroles-Vallés E, Duart-Castells L.
Effects of COVID-19 on the consumption of antidepressants in the Province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands
Sapino M, Oliva A, Dévora S, Abdala S.
Case Reports
Collaboration between hospital pharmaceutical service and community pharmacy within the ‘Telémaco’ project. A case report
Morillo R.
Minor ailment service for patients treated with narrow therapeutic index drugs
García C, Martínez LA.


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